As our special field, we offer state of the art and strictly technology- and supplier-neutral Road Traffic & Transport Telematics (RTTT) system know-how, specialized but not limited to consultancy related to electronic toll collection (ETC) systems. Of course, we are member of the relevant standardization bodies (CEN TC 278 / WG9, ON K 220).

Prime Consulting Services significantly contributed to the successful launch of a number of national ETC schemes on time, on budget and with full functionality: the Austrian electronic Ecopoint system, the Swiss Heavy Goods Vehicle Tolling Scheme LSVA, the Stockholm City Tax, and the national HGV tolling schemes of Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Our major References: Studies, System Developments, Tendering, Realization, etc. for

  • Electronic Ecopoint System (Austrian DOT)
  • Feasibility Studies in Eastern European Countries for several financing corporations
  • Pre-Studies for the Austrian Truck Tolling System (ÖMG / ÖSAG / ASG / ASFiNAG)
  • Pre-Studies for the German Truck Tolling System (BMV Germany)
  • Consultancy for the Realization & Operation of the Heavy Vehicles Fee in Switzerland (OZD Switzerland)
  • Study for final decision towards the fully electronic HGV fee collection systems in Austria (BMVIT)
  • Project management ETC system for the Austrian Truck Tolling System, consultancy for end2end system - optimization and -enhancements during the first year of operation for EUROPPASS (now ASFiNAG Maut GmbH).
  • Lead consultant review & special tasks within the “GO Maut 2.0” project of ASFiNAG, deploying the new Austrian ETC System by 2018
  • Consultancy for the  Realization of the Stockholm City Tax (IBM / Vägeverket - Sweden)
  • Consultancy for the introduction of electronic truck tolling schemes in various countries of Central- and Eastern Europe
  • Consultancy to and Project Management for the Tender of the Slovenian Heavy Goods Vehicle ETC Scheme (RAPP / IPMIT - MoT/SLO / DARS); followed by supporting the project implementation (DARS)
  • Tender and deployment of the Independent Monitoring and Auditing Body (IMAB) for the national Polish ETC System
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