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Basic Principles

We have been taught:

The shortest way is not necessarily the one leading through the wall -
seek for consensus and reach the target at the most economical way.

Success emerges out of teams - the time of single warriors is over.

To lead a team means to establish well defined rules & processes, getting structures in place, to provide the right utilities and to take care of a positive working climate.

Those conditions and structures have to be understood and accepted by the team in order to allow a high degree of motivation leading to achievement of the targets put in place.

(One) basic element to allow all that is the communication within the team.
Correct and complete information has to be available at the right time in the right place.

Project management is the method to realize undertakings within limited resources (money, time, staff,...), by optimizing all parameters without endangering long term customer and contractor relationship.

The final overall result goes first, optimizing all subtasks is not necessarily the key.

A slim and clear organization is a prerequisite for team success.

Only the success of our customers is our success


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